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Episode 9 Deleted Scenes!

I promised extras, and now I’m here to stand and deliver. And while I’m not as good looking as Lou Diamond Phillips, it makes my gift no less interesting: deleted scenes from Episode Nine: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re here for the actual episode, scroll down or check it out on our episodes page.

There are two clips you’ll see. The first is a scene that was removed from near the beginning of the episode, and the second happens once the folks are comfortably answering phones in the office. Both were largely removed due to concerns about the length of the episode. I know that some of you guys wish every episode was about 2 hours long, but sometimes you can perform addition by subtraction- making sure everything flows well, stays tight, and maintains a strong and fluid pace.

Keep in mind that these are unfinished clips. That means the audio hasn’t been finalized, green screens are still present, and there is no music or ambient sound. Listen closely and you can hear Kerry on the verge of laughter as he performs Leeroy’s last couple of lines.

We’re in the Future!

We are now in 2008. Where are my flying cars and robots? Nowhere. The future is lies, I’ve decided.

In honor of this new year, I bring to you more gifts, tidings, etc. First, we’ve been hearing that some people want the lolcat picture from the holiday special…


Second, I have the audio outtakes from Episode Eight. Funny stuff. To me, one of the best parts is when I’m doing the voice of the combine soldier (pre-effects, of course), and I slip into doing Cortez. I kind of freaked out when I did it, because it was so sudden. Also, every time Nick goes off in the “Chet” persona, it’s always hilarious. Give it a listen.

Happy New Year, dudes!

Audio Hilarity

Well dudes, things have been going great since the release of Episode Seven. Work on the next episode is progressing smoothly, though it’s a little daunting since this episode will have some complicated elements to it.

Some quick gaming news- IGN has released a “Top 100 Games of All Time” list to feed your fanboyism or your ranting. In my case, it’s both. It’s missing a few notables such as Counter-Strike, Tekken, anything from the Splinter Cell series, and the Sims for example. I’m not sure how MGS2 made the list but not MGS3. A few games were rated pretty low, too, I thought. It’s definitely worth a read though. Click here to discuss it in our forums.

Since I was feeling very generous, I put together a present for you guys: audio outtakes from episodes six and seven.

Enjoy, and please donate.

Audio Goof-ups

So while Daniel and Nick have been gone, I’ve unleashed a slew of content in your general vicinity. Hopefully it’s been somewhat entertaining and in some cases, informative. Since you’ve all been kind of asking and secretly wishing, today I bring you Episode Four and Five audio outtakes. I trust that you’ll find them amusing.

Daniel and Nick have now returned back from Cali, so Episode Six can finally continue on its merry. Expect a trailer soon.

Enjoy, and please donate.


Well, Daniel and Nick are heading off to California today, leaving me all to my lonesome. To be honest, a small break from all The Leet World fracas will be welcome. No more of Daniel and Nick being smelly and fat in my apartment. While they’re gone, I thought I’d give you guys something to chew on. Here’s two deleted scenes from Episode Five. You might watch these and wonder “why did they cut these?”, but in reality, when it was all laid out together, the episode was just way, way too long. It’s in a completely unfinished state, as you might notice by the mono audio, green screens, and lack of color correcting.

Enjoy! Please donate!

Bearing Gifts

Just a quick little update for you guys. Things are going well, and it seems that lots of people are coming to check out Episode Three, which is awesome (scroll down for it if that’s why you’re here).

Also, we’ve recently been listed as a “featured series” on along with other notable entries such as RedvsBlue, Pathfinders, and Civil Protection, so be sure and check it out! And, just like the title of this post indicates, I have a little present: Episode Two and Three audio outtakes.


I promised a treat for everyone that continued to check our website. And that treat is now.

One of our goals for The Leet World is to be a site that is constantly delivering content. Sometimes that will be just through updating our blog, but we think that’s a little boring. I’m talking about things like screenshots, behind-the-scenes footage, special videos, and even audio outtakes, which is what I’m posting right now.

Now, as I said before, this is just a nice little treat for you guys- it probably won’t happen every episode. But, rest assured, if you come check this page out a couple of times a week, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

So, if it tickles your fancy (and if it tickles anything else I don’t want to know), check out our Episode One audio outtakes:

Leave comments or discuss it in the forums, if you like. Enjoy!